The Smallest and Lightest Bicycle

The MOTINI is a compact and lightweight E-bike. At just 11KG, it is light and foldable

ONLY  399$

Foldable Electric Vehicle

Head and seat can be adjusted according to the height of personal use, humanized flexibility. Its small and light can be put in any corner of the home do not occupy a space.

Only 11 KG

Based on the golden ratio design, MOTINI has 19 design patents, and the body is only 10KG,combined with the battery is only 11KG, light as a feather, can be easily lifted with one hand

Aluminium Body

Ergonomic Design

7 "inflation Free Soft Tire

Removable Battery

The MOTINI battery is designed according to UL world's highest standards, and is the only one certified by the aviation industry. It can be used as a portable charger and can run indefinitely

Continuous Cycling For 10KM

A battery can be continuously cycled for 10KM. Since the battery is detachable, it can be continuously changed

Portable Charger

The MOTINI battery is also a portable charger that can charge three apple devices at once. The
removable design allows you to charge your communication devices anytime, anywhere.

Built-in Charging Cable

Socket Type

Flexible And Portable

The MOTINI electric car is flexible, foldable into a minimum of 28 inches into a suitcase, and the battery is the only accessible travel around the world through aviation's highest standards

Cycle In Your Style.

The MOTINI comes in three distinct colours – meaning when you’re about and about you’ll be doing it in a style that suits your personality.